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So, you most likely know I own MQE Research. But what's it like?

Honestly, it's pretty strange. I just made computers and then I got pleasantly surprised by what had happened to my brand.

So owning a brand with multiple people working is much easier than producing the products solo, but I still make about 70% of the products on my Algobox.

I like to search around for stuff like "MQE Research" ever so often to see if there's any scene responses or such.

While one time I found someone sharing one of the games I made, even giving credit and eventually popularizing it, what I don't like is when I see COPIED versions of my scenes. One time I even saw someone copy my batteries, and all they did was change the colors for input and output, and made the colors of the battery themselves make your eyes hurt!

So yeah, there's pros and cons to owning an algodoo brand. Atleast it's easier to report.

Now if that person recreated my batteries with the same tech but didn't just change the text and colors, I'd be fine with it and I wouldn't have reported it.

But a minor recolor is NOT OK. In any context. On the bright side, it's easier to realize they stole your scene.

I'd even be fine with it if they mentioned me, but straight up stealing a scene, slightly recoloring it and calling it yours? What-

It's definitely better to have a brand than not having one, as you can get more noticed and collab with others.

So how do you start a brand?

It's literally as easy as putting your brand's name in the scene name or scene itself. If you want the brand, or you to have a page, leave me a message on my wall.