Algodoo Wiki

What is Scripting?

Scripting is when you type code into a program to do something you can't do without it or to make a objective easier.

Is Scrpiting hard?

at first it may look hard to understand but after looking into the code a little more it's easy to start Scripting, but it's difficult to master.

How to get to the Scripting Menu

When you go into Algodoo make an object, then double/right click the object, find the "Script Menu" tab on the object's properties, then after that if you want stuff happening use this legend:

Make something happen once a Marble touches it - OnCollide

Make somthing happend once the object is cliked by the mouce - OnClick

Make somthing happen once the object gets destoryed - OnDie

Make something happen once the object touches a laser - onHitByLaser

There a LOT more then this but these are the simple ones

How to learn

I won't tell you codes right away, you can find lot's of tutorials on YouTube!